Monday, August 5, 2013

Travel Party

Party season is approaching (Being a June-baby I miss out on party season... Worst luck), and I am seriously putting in some hours planning details.  Not in an overboard way, or... okay, yep, in an overboard way.

And to help muster enthusiasm (actually, don't need any help there), A few days ago I arrived home to see a party article I worked on, all printed out nicely in The Natural Parent.  Sadly there wasn't room for them to share more pics (it's a huge issue - and absolutely coincidentally, BOTH my sisters have work in that issue too, including a fantastic feature article written by Kura, and some beaut photos by Rosa), so I thought I'd share the rest here.

I'm going to make it a short series, with some ideas for food, games, decorations etc...  And at the end of it all, I have some free printables to share, and fingers crossed, that giveaway I've been promising for some time now!

This really was a simple and sweet party to put together, with amazing food by Alice of Babycakes, and cute decorations courtesy of Pop Roc Parties.

Not to mention, the cutest models in the entire universe.  Can't wait to share a little more with you x