Thursday, September 19, 2013

Emergency Entertainment

This year we have done super well health-wise, no major bugs to speak of (touchwood).  But even so, I finally took up my Ma's suggestion and made a 'Sick Days' box.  I filled it with special items that aren't in daily circulation, to haul out should my girl-child become bedridden at any point.  Anything to avoid the fallback of excessive tellie watching, right?

It honestly took about 4 minutes flat to fill this box.  I already had a bunch of things stored away for later use, and it was a simple matter of collecting them all into the same place.  There are tons of other things you could add - paper dolls, toy cars, colouring books, pop-up books, story CDs and so on.

I put aside:

Craft supplies

New stationary/Activity book

Busy bags

 A tiny little companion

 A doctors kit (I know, perfect huh!)

Vintage Polly Pocket

I may not even wait until she is sick to bring these out.  The next super stormy day (I thought today might be the one) may see us curled up on the couch cutting coloured paper into shreds.  Nice to have some emergency entertainment on hand...


  1. Super Idea Mani ma! That little Doctors kit is sweet!! And the gruffalo Activity book was a winner in our home! xx

  2. Love this Stella - so lovely. Please do link in with BMWB if you want to on Monday xx

  3. Polly Pocket!! Brings back memories:) This is a great idea! Can we make a grown up's sick day box too?;)

  4. cute stuff, such a good idea! I've often found when they are sick enough to be in bed, they don't want to do any such activities :( I must sadly admit that TV seems to be a go in our house, or reading them books.

    1. Oh man, we used to LOVE these boxes when we were little! Mind you, we weren't allowed any tv at all, so I guess there weren't any other options :-P Reading and paper dolls were my faves x

  5. Such and awesome idea! Where did you get that Drs kit from btw? So cute!

  6. Such a nice idea to distract from the feeling sickies. Our boy got that doctors set from my mum a few Christmases ago, I wish I could remember where from-I might ask ( for Jenny Young : ))

  7. Haha yes! Brillaint! We have a wee special box aside too :) that and a special movie as compromise :) love this collection :)

  8. Inspired, thank you. That is the loveliest little nurses box

  9. What a great idea! I love the little Dr's kit. Where did you get it from?

  10. The Dr's kit was a gift from family in Aus. Not sure where they got it from...