Sunday, September 1, 2013

How to make a small child happy...

What is it about play dough?  We were leaving a friend's house a few days ago, after the play dough had come out, and I practically needed earplugs driving home.  So the following day, when G was asleep, I abandoned the housework for a moment and made some glittery pink stuff.

I used the instructions from Recipes For Play, made a soft pink dough, and added pale pink glitter.   Guess how much this kid loved it?!  If the refrain, "I love play dough, I love pink play dough", times 100 is anything to go by...  And yes I know, PINK!!!  She does love it so... *siiiiigh*

A little extra mess, but one very happy girl, who felt very loved.  With the addition of some bendy Wikki Sticks samples we were sent, we had a fluffy pink birthday cake with pretty candles.  Perfect.

Joining Miriam of Create Hope Inspire, for Becoming The Mama I Want To Be.


  1. Playdough is awesome... and they never really grow out of it... Ella (7 1/2) and her cousin Riley (nearly 9) both still LOVE playdough. :) Boys and girls both enjoy it.

  2. I love those squishy little hands pushing the playdough down. So sweet x

  3. Ive been meaning to make some for my three year old boy. some play dough and his own set of tongs and he would be in heaven!

  4. I love playdough, I've got such fond memories making it with my nana. We often raid the garden for flowers twigs etc and make a garden with the playdough, or choose things to "stamp" in it, like shells etc, might be popular in your house too?

  5. Oh yes playdough! it always helps to calm my brood.....from 3 to 11, they all love playing with it :))