Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Reviewing: Yonanas!

Okay.  This product is amazing.  Like, transform your summer amazing.  This machine is the biz.  

What they do: Yonanas machines turn your frozen fruit into - ICE-CREAM!!!  I know, what?!!!  So cool right?!!!  Just pop some fruit that is close to expiring* into the freezer and leave it there for 12 hours.  Then run it through the machine!

thereby not wasting anything, or forcing your kiddos to eat overripe fruit - which I happen to know is a real hassle, and a bummer for everyone.

So simple!  I have some tips though, just in case you make a purchase.  Initially when you start pressing the frozen fruit through, it will spit out some flakes that aren't quite soft-serve yet.  Do not be alarmed!  These can easily be mixed back into the ice-cream, or pop them back through the shoot if you're worried.  It doesn't mean you're machine doesn't work, and before you know it that sweet soft-serve will be landing in your bowl.

Also, before you devour your bowl of ice-cream and wash the machine (super, super easy to wash), open it up and scoop out ice-cream that has been caught in the middle bit.  There is usually quite a bit there, and who would want to waste that???

Seriously, I think this is such a brilliant invention!  We love making juice popsicles, but these are even healthier, and so easy to experiment with.  The kids think they're getting a super duper treat, and I can sidestep their requests for store-bought ice-cream by promising to make some once we get home.  We now keep our freezer filled with frozen fruit and berries, should a spontaneous lets-make-ice-cream mood take us.

I did come up with a couple of simple recipe ideas that I thought I would share, that you could easily adjust to suit your own tastes.

First of all we created a fro-yo, using a couple of ice-cubes of plain acidophilis yoghurt (frozen overnight), a little honey, and some frozen berries.  Strawberries would probably work best as they are naturally very sweet, but we used a mixture and it was yum.  Also, greek style yoghurt would be amaze.  Just saying.  This was yum, if a little on the tart side (my favourite, but thought I'd better warn you).  Because you aren't supposed to put ice-cubes through the machine, I popped these in a plastic bag and smashed them up a little, before adding them.  Worked a charm.

I also experimented with a banana-peanut butter combo, that perhaps looks a little less appealing, but was actually very yummy!  Again with the ice-cube (this time with PB), again with the smashing it up a little.  I even added some cocoa to give it a chocolatey twist, though I think I could've added even more.  You definitely want to act fast once you have the PB ready, because when that starts to melt, you have one mess on your hands!  I portioned one smallish banana with one ice cube of peanut butter, and I think that was just perfect for me.

So, want to try one yourself?  You can purchase Yonanas machines here in NZ, from Briscoes (on sale), Mitre 10 Mega, Farmers and Noel Leeming.  Find more information on the Yonanas website.  Happy nearly-summer everybody!

*This is a product review and as such I was sent this item free of charge in return for writing about it.  All opinions are absolutely my own.  :-)