Sunday, September 29, 2013

September's Story

September.  *Heavy sigh*.  Beach adventures, trips to Auckland (graduating with a grad dip in teaching for those who asked), birthdays, de-cluttering, writing, and oh so many emails.  The emails have been killing me a little, to be honest.   The best bits - our house creeps ever closer to becoming clutter-free (or close enough), and I have ticked some goals off my list.  And added a few more, but whatevs.

So October.  Hope you bring better weather, and more slow days.


  1. Well i think your september story looked pretty damn perfect!
    And I'm a little bit jealous you've completed your dipEd....I have to do that soon! :(
    Terrified, but i know its necessary.Congrats x

  2. Love that cape. Oh that's right I made it so I would! Hope October is all you wish it to be.

  3. what beautiful photos. And congrats on graduating!!!! I also graduated this year :)

  4. Love your photos! The capes are cute, kids even cuter! And I love love love that beach! Good memories! x