Friday, September 27, 2013

Sponsored Post: Persil New Zealand

I don't know how many of you guys have seen this video already, but we think it's a bit cute.  I thought I'd give my own kiddos a go at blindfolded painting, but it actually didn't go down nearly so well as I planned.  In my mind it was going to be so very cute and endearing, and they would paint trucks just like the All Blacks did (though obv. they would look more like Jackson Pollack paintings), and they would proudly present their paintings to Dada upon his return from work.  Well, none of that stuff happened.  But painting.  Always a winner.

So maybe we ditched the blindfolds and instead we sat in the sun and let ourselves get covered in paint, but you know what, that's okay.  And fyi, when I say 'we', I definitely mean 'them'.  I did not get covered in paint.  Actually, Eleanor painted a pretty great truck, but at the last minute decided it was an elephant.  *Shrug*.  It was cute, and so was Garland's brum brum, and we will get the paint off the walls eventually :-P 

As far as messy play goes, we mostly stick to mud around here (it is abundant and immensely popular with 50% of the household), but painting is definitely in that category too.  And while I haven't once caught up with my washing pile this winter, I have definitely made peace with the inevitability of its constant growth.  Because, messy play is happy play.

So are you feeling inspired to give blindfolded painting a go (because it went so well for us *wink*)  Maybe not, but hopefully you and your little ones will find a moment to indulge in some messy play, and let Persil sort out the stains later.

Some notes: Everything is aligned to the left because I am NOT tech savvy and couldn't realign the vid, but wanted everything uniform.  You didn't need to know that, but I am the over-supplier of information.  So.

Also, this is a sponsored post but opinions are my own. 

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