Monday, September 9, 2013

The Handmade Series: a green life

One of my lovely readers contacted me a little while back, and asked to be included in this series.  Her shop and blog are called a green life, and maybe you have come across her already (if you haven't - pop over and say hi).  I checked out her stuff and was like, YEP!!!  Totally cute!!  

Initially I thought she was going to send the kids an item each and was super thrilled with that arrangement (because: obviously), but when the parcel arrived it was HUGE!  Packed with treats for the kiddos, and a couple for me too!  It couldn't have arrived on a better day, I was feeling a little bit gloomy about some things that have been going on for us, and a package of lovely handmade goodies totally perked me up.  Yes, I am a bit shallow like that...  But seriously - cute things!

Garland received these seriously cute Bambi, Faline and the Great Prince of the Forest Pants, and a little wall hanging (that I have just now realized I've forgotten to photograph - check them out here) in matching fabric.  Love the fabric, and love the design, and hoping it's not too hot for him to wear these on Christmas day too (who am I kidding, it's bound to be raining).  He has also been greatly entertained by this sweet little Nature Bag, perfect for collecting our beach treasures in (it even has a little secret pocket inside) .

Eleanor wears a Super Zoo Hero skirt along with Crown and Fairy Wand.  The girl is princess crazy, which I do not understand (I was a tomboy myself), but you know, I've just gotta let her do her own thing.  So we are embracing the princess craze, and if she's gonna be a princess then there is no cuter way to crown her than with this beautiful lacy handmade one.  The wand is a very sweet touch! 

Of course (and much to my secret delight), Garland insisted upon having a crown too, so we dug out a hand-me-down-grandmama-made one for him to wear too.  Now Eleanor and I have lots of arguments about whether G has to be a prince, or is allowed to be a princess if he wants - and same for her.  Haha!  I'll make a feminist of her yet!

I was sent a couple of treats too, including these Detox Bath Salts which will hit a green life shelves soon.  Read about the benefits of these salts here.  Perfect Christmas gift for hard-to-buy for rellies, or a lovely treat for yourself!  I have enjoyed both the product, and the cute packaging... 

And my personal favourite, the Super Zoo Hero set...  We didn't manage to photograph this set altogether (skirt in photo above), but I just have to say, Eleanor tore into this as soon as the package arrived.  We were visiting our local cafe as a cheer-me-up, and she wouldn't leave the car until she was completely decked out as a superhero.  I haven't managed to catch all the sweet details in these pics - the cute lining, the thunderbolt appliques on cuffs and mask, but I'm pretty sure I've caught the extreme cuteness of these items...  Once again, had to find a cape for G to wear (E's hand-me-downs this time), so we may have to purchase him his own matching set sometime.  I don't mind.  These are cutest dress ups I've seen in a long time....

So a little about the lady who makes these pretty things...  in her words:

"a green life is a little business all about being green, by selling up-cycle and handmade things.  a green life things are simple in design, fun and colourful.  a green life materials are mainly sourced from things that you associate with your grandparents home, kiwi bach's and opp shops throughout NZ.  They are also old cloths or remnants from years of hording material (I also inherited my late Mother-in-laws stash).  By taking scissors to them and refashioning them, you can enjoy them in an entirely new, a green life kinda way..."

Before you do anything else, check out this giveaway a green life is hosting!  Epic thrift haul (I want that cute bag!)...

a green life has a lovely range of handmade products (at great prices) (check out another review of her items here at My Year of Crafting Dangerously), and will be releasing new items closer to Christmas time.  Keep up to date via her blog, and her facebook page.

p.s. I have always had the LOVELIEST comments from Smilie, she is a super warm and generous soul.


  1. I discovered her gorgeous blog yesterday via "My Year of Crafting Dangerously" - I love her sewing tins and the doily crowns. Once clever lady! Elaina xo

  2. Stella, you have done such a great job of reviewing Sus's products, I love the pic of E decked out in the superhero cape and mask with her fist punching the air - look at the expression on her face! Awes-balls. Thanks too for linking to my blog, I was wondering why my views have doubled already today :).

  3. What an amazing package!! Every item looks truly wonderful, I can only imagine being a child and getting all of these incredible things:) That shot of Eleanor in the hero costume is marvelousss;)

  4. i love the doiliy crown and wands. i want non placky crowns for clauds birthday, i know where to go now. and your Eleanor is a crack up in the photo with the superhero gears on, no mistaking her love for that get-up!

  5. So awesome! I stumbled across her blog the other day and was thrilled! x

  6. Awesome! You review is brilliant, and your photos just make it, Stella!

    It must be a case of great minds think alike and all that, but I've just made my little 'un a super hero cape and mask - due to be blogged this week and I've pinned and planned some crown DIYs too! But of course the ones these lady makes look much better than mine! Those cuffs with lighting bolts are all kinds of awesome too!


  7. BEST photos of the kidlets!
    I havent even read the post yet, I just had to say!!!...scrolling back up now..