Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloweening with 3M (+ giveaway)

About two years ago when we first made the move from city to countryside, my sister and I stopped in at an opshop during our trip north, and came across this sweet framed print (for a mere $3).  It was exactly the style of retro art I'd been on the look out for, and my mind swam with dreams of future adornment on the walls of our next home.

When, after five long months of home-hunting, we finally found our semi-permanent abode, I was pretty sad to discover that this piece would not yet decorate our walls.  Fearful of damaging our rental walls (there's a no-nail rule around here), and apprehensive that a 3M hook would not be strong enough for this heavy frame (the bigger hooks would make the painting hang out too far from the wall), I stashed the print away in the 'for our next home' pile.  So sad :-(

Recently it has been sitting on a stack of suitcases in our spare room slash *ahem* storage-and-laundry-drying-room.  This would be an adequate storage solution ordinarily, but certain friends and relatives started dropping some serious hints that they would like to rehome this sweet print, since I didn't seem to be showing it enough love...  You'll understand me when I admit to becoming freakishly possessive and paranoid at this stage, and short of hiding it under the house, where no one (other than the spideys - and there are LOTS of spideys) would appreciate it, I really didn't know what to do.


3M contacted me regarding a review for their Command Picture Hanging Strips

This is my face ----> :-D

These.  Are.  Amazing.  

The novelty of seeing this print sitting flush against our wall has yet to wear off and it gives me a small, vindictive thrill of pleasure to see looks of thinly veiled annoyance cross certain faces.  These have mega holding power, and the larger size could hold an even bigger print than this - up to 7.2kg even, so I'm not even slightly worried that this heavy frame will come crashing down.  As you can see from the pic below, these are kinda velcro-y (but like, Superman version of velcro) strips that interlock with each other and feel super secure.  Boom!

Initially I placed the strips a little higher on our wall, but when I re-thought that decision it was super simple to remove the strips and start again with a new set (also, did you know you can buy replacement sticky bits? Just fyi).  In fact, the whole process was so stress-free that I'm kind of on the look out for another big print to hang now!  Addictive.

There are three sizes available and you can combine a couple of sets to hold heavier paintings, or just use one or two strips for more lightweight pieces.  They also come in black or white, so you can match your strips to your frame.  Prices start at $8.49 RRP for a pack of 4 strips, which is pretty reasonable when you consider that you can reuse these, and that a pack of 4 could potentially handle four different frames.

3M strips are available at all leading hardware, homewares and other retail outlets across New Zealand, and if you would like to win yourself a set of these to trial first, just leave a comment below.  The winner will receive a pack containing the entire range of 3M strips, all valued at $24.99NZD.  Giveaway open to all kiwis, and will be drawn randomly one week from now. Winner drawn (below), thanks for entering!

And the winner is:

Congratulations Janet!  Please email me at rutherbrad(at)yahoo(dot)com with your address and I'll make sure these are sent out asap. :-)

And while you're here, check out my amaze Halloween decorations!  I KNOW!!!  It was a tough job making this painting more amazing than it already is, but... I... okay, I kinda didn't really make it more amazing, but I think it's quite cute anyway.  This is actually a very clever piece of decorating, because the fake spider web ties in nicely with the legitimate spider webs that decorate other corners of our home.  I like my glittery spidey a tad more than those other menacing ones though :-P

This is a sponsored post for 3M Command and Digital Parents Collective.  Command Picture Hanging Strips provided complimentary samples for this post, however the opinions and content expressed are completely my own.

Also, I really do love my friends and relatives - even those who loudly and repeatedly offer to take my favourite print off my hands ;-) But really, I do love them...  But also, I'm glad this print is now firmly secured to our wall...


  1. I'm addicted to their hooks, I use them all over the house! But I haven't tried those strips, they look cool!

  2. Woudl love the chance to try these. I sadly have a few pictures (hiding under my bed) awaiting the loving attention they deserve!

  3. Oooh these would be great in our new rental home, which also doesn't allow nails (on the newly painted/wallpapered walls!). I'm so glad to hear about this option!

  4. I've been looking for a solution for my family picture wall in the hallway since the hooks the picture came with cant take the weight of the frame (beautiful frames but cheap hooks) and if you put those loops on the back it hangs into the already narrow hallway riking being caught on passing traffic - I saw these in store but never believer they would work - BRILLIANT. Thanks :-)

  5. definitely keen to give these ago - please put me in the draw :o) xx

  6. I've been a tad disappointed by 3M products before but we're now renting a place with concrete walls (no chance of hammering in a hook or two!) so I thought i'd give them another shot. Turns out if you actually follow the instructions (wipe surface with alcohol, leave hook on for an hr) they work quite well! I've been using the picture hooks but would love to give the strips a go.. I have dreams of a gallery wall! haha

  7. Excellent - I'm keen to give these a go because I have a big collection of illustrations and prints to frame and hang. I want to make a feature wall but don't want a million nail holes.

  8. I would love to win this! As I'm renting, we are very restricted as to what we can put on the walls. This pack would solve all of my problems so that I can look at my pictures and photos every day!

  9. I have the same problem - no nails allowed. All my frames are leaning up against walls instead of hanging :(