Friday, October 18, 2013

Mini Food & Mini Peops

Have you been collecting the New World Miniatures?  While the public stance about this marketing ploy seems to be fairly evenly split, gotta say, I'm firmly in the "LOVE THEM" camp.  Yeah, I'm disappointed that they didn't stick to a particular scale.  Yeah, I think the apple is the most silly, pointless collectable of them all (because seriously, it is).  But these niggles aside, YUSSPANTS!  What a cool bunch of items to add to my miniature collection (because I actually totally have one of those - I know, I'm that cool!  And equally humble.  Actually no, not humble, but definitely cool).  

Full disclaimer, I have not been collecting these for my children.  I mean, one day they will be allowed to play with these, but that day won't be anytime soon.  See that tomato sauce up above?  See the mangled label?  That is why.

- pause for a minute - But why doesn't everyone else in the universe love these???  I mean, MINIATURE WEETBIX!!!  C'mon.  And that punnet of ice-cream?  Kills me.  

A friend recently won a giveaway via Vogel's, and kindly shared her prize with us - I know!  We were pretty stoked (and we I say we, I mean me - see above ^^).  So I hit PicMonkey and came up with these.  I must admit I put them together pretty hastily, and didn't do the most perfect job ever.

Eleanor for one was pretty annoyed that I got her scale wrong.  Apparently she's bigger than the mini milk bottle.  She is, in fact, bigger than a normal sized milk bottle.  What is she, a giant?!

I led with the best and finish with the least successful.  Might try this one again later...


  1. Ha ha, love the scaling mount mini one! Big fan here too, a few are ok for my doll house-eggs, yoghurt, bread, milk. But agree the ice cream is the best. I'm trying to figure iut how to cut it open so i can fill it with ice cream and a mini spoon in liue of cash from the tooth fairy!

  2. Oh I want some! I am guessing you are in New Zealand if you have New World then? Australia doesn't seem to have these, I wonder if it could catch on?

  3. o my gosh....cuteness beyond words. I have never seen this before but if we had this in the states I would be collecting right along with you. "mini" anything is top notch in my book and I love it all. Three cheers for tiny groceries!! LOve it :)

  4. It so reminds me of The Borrowers! So cool! You are amazepants :) xxx

  5. we have been loving collecting them too.
    Im thinking in regards to the scale thing...they really would have to be a certain size to prevent being a choking hazard yeah?
    So tempting to get the rest of the things like the register and things to go with it.

  6. I got a few, but have given them all away to friends who needed them more than I did. They are cool, but I have nowhere to keep them and the boys are too old to want them

  7. Sooo gorgeous, I'm mini mad too. I sneak into the kids rooms at night and leave min figures at their fairy doors- like a fairy sized grocery delivery :)