Thursday, October 17, 2013

Reviewing: Natural Make-up

So.  Make up.  It's not often that I wear it, but still, I'm super picky about which brands I'll use.  I have always made the effort to opt for natural eye-make up, which just makes a lot of sense to me, and without a doubt, this is the best natural mascara I have come across.  Actually, pretty much the best mascara in general.  In my opinion.

Previously I have been using another very reputable brand of mascara, which I was perfectly happy with until now.  It's hard to avoid drawing comparisons, but as soon as I applied the Eye of Horus mascara I noticed the difference.  Without defaming the other brand (I still love their products), Eye of Horus was a very clear winner.  

This mascara applied more easily and dried quickly.  Once it was on my lashes, there was absolutely no smudging, and tears had no effect (yes, sometimes there can be tears around here).  I was also super impressed with how long my lashes looked - in fact, I almost wouldn't bother putting any other eye-make-up on when using Eye of Horus, it's effective just on it's own.  Which makes it the perfect portable make-up. 

I love these things most:
  • Easy application - quick to dry.  Perfect for folk (like me) who don't want to dilly dally with putting on make-up.
  • Durability - You could wear this for several days straight and it would look the same.  I'm not gonna admit how I know this.  I just do ;-).
  • Adds volume.  Seriously.  I have short lashes, and this stuff makes them look long.
  • This mascara arrived with a list of tips for application and removal. Super useful.  
  • Fits perfectly in my wallet so that I am never caught without...

My other new favourite is this stick of Karen Murrell Rymba Rhythm.  This lipstick made one of the prizes in the recent giveaway I hosted, and I was lucky enough to have one sent out to trial too.  This is a serious, show-stopping red, and I love it.  Guess what I'll be wearing on my lips when I go out tonight?! To a Playcentre AGM, thanks for asking. And yes, my life is that glamorous.  You thought so, didn't you.

Like Eye of HorusKaren Murrell is another brand committed to providing beauty products that are free of nasty stuff.  When you consider how quickly chemicals enter our body/bloodstream through application to the skin and our lips, I mean, direct entry, it makes it feel very worth while to choose make-up brands carefully.

I love these things most:
  • This is such a pretty, luminous shade of red.  That alone qualifies it as a favourite.
  • Love the ethos behind this brand.  Respect.
  • Can anyone say 'pretty packaging'?  I can.  
  • Even the canisters are eco-friendly, yah.
  • So many cool shades (and pretty packages).

If you are in the market for new, natural make up products, these are two legit brands to check out.

Eye of Horus facebook page here
Another Eye of Horus review here
Karen Murrell facebook page here

Almost forgot the disclaimer - these products were sent to me to review.  All opinions are my own, yo.


  1. I love Karen Murrell lipstick and skincare! Off to check out the Mascara!

  2. I hadn't heard of either of these and they both sound fantastic! I want them! Great review, Stella!