Tuesday, October 15, 2013

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A few days ago I shared my favourite Young Adult novels.  Since then, Angela has posted her own list, and it is GOOD!  It had me kicking myself for not including Pride and Prejudice in my own round-up (why, WHY?!), but I intend to redeem myself by including Jane Austen in my 'for proper grown ups book list'.

Anyway, check out Angela's list!  Go!  Now!  Also, I just joined Goodreads, on recommendation from the same lady.  She knows about all the cool book stuff.  Go friend me, if ya like.  Promise to share good recommendations with you.  And don't be offended when you see how many stars I gave Green Eggs and Ham.  I have other favourites that you will probably agree with.

Also, awhile back Miss Faery Sarah posted about our first ever meet up, in the beaut Kokako cafe.  I meant to post one similar, but then all of a sudden it was a month later and...  So instead I'm sharing her sweet post...  Just replace my name with hers when you read it, and you will know exactly how cool I think she is.

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Love yas x


  1. Thanks for the mention. I hope you find the time to read some of the books (and love them). :)

  2. He he, thanks! I'm pretty keen on my onesie babies!