Friday, October 4, 2013

When the kittens are away, Mama-cat will play...

With two nanas watching my kiddos, I've had a blissful three hours to myself.  I know that my time is running out (anyone else now have a Muse tune stuck in their head?) so I thought I would squeeze in a quick post before I go and collect them.  So what have I done with my purrrecious time? sorry about that one.  Truly, I am most apologetic.

  • Played Mumford and Sons repeatedly
  • Sewed some bits and pieces without helpful little hands touching every part of the machine that my protective hands can't cover quickly enough
  • Painted freely, to my hearts content
  • Filled balloons with glue and glitter and blown them past the point of no return.  This last, so amusing to myself, though not in the first moment of glue and glitter explosive glory.  I can't help but think that some of you will be perplexed when you read this, but those who know me best will find no single aspect of this story in the least bit surprising.  And in case you are wondering, wet glue washes off glasses, easy as
  • Showered unattended
  • Solo danced in the living room (did miss my partners a little bit at this point)
  • And ticked a bunch of to-do's off my list

The beauty of being a parent is this ability you gain to never waste a minute of your solo time.  Even if your choices are tough to pick between (sleep vs. quietly reading vs. getting some of those jobs done), it's almost impossible to catch a parent saying "I'm bored."  In my experience at least... NB. I'm sure lots of non-parents have this ability too - but I definitely didn't in my pre-kiddo years...


  1. You certainly made the most of those few child-free hours.
    I love Mumford and Sons too, my fav is Lover of the Light. x

  2. oh yes, I've been alone since about 10.30am this morning and I have madly read text books, written over half of an assignment, caught up with someone on the phone and got 2 loads of washing done. (and stopped twice to eat soup!) Now I'm going to watch TV and work on a bibliography simultaneously. I have SO appreciated this time. I cannot study with small people around or noise - the texts take too much concentration.... um novel. Sorry about that! Love the balloons! :o)

  3. Sounds blissfully fantastic :-) And yes it is SO hard to choose what to do with solo time when it happens!

  4. I'm up to day 5 with no kids and haven't wasted a moment of this precious time, although I am ready for them to come home - I do miss them

  5. Love it! And thank you for your snail mail! SCORE! xxx

  6. Haha - no such thing as being a bored parent surely! Sounds like a few well spent hours :)