Monday, November 18, 2013

Birthday Skirt

This year I tried so very hard to keep up with the self-set goal of hand-making a birthday outfit for this kid.  The skirt was a bit of a fail.  I based it on this one from last year, which is hands-down my favourite sewing idea ever.  It was far less successful this year, perhaps partly due to my fabric choices, which didn't quite pack the same punch.

I 'made' her top buy purchasing a basic tee from Cotton on, and appliquéing remnants of another tee-shirt onto it.  The elephant came from a Christmas top that ended up destroyed after only a couple of outings.  I was kinda pleased to give it a second life, even if my appliquéing technique leaves a lot to be desired...

Lucky lady had a school gala fall on her birthday, so she got to wear some birthday gears to a public event.  And I was just a tiny bit relieved when she asked to wear the skirt.  Mission accomplished...


  1. I think both look great, but it's also refreshing to read a post where it didn't turn out quite the way you hoped (keeping it real, and all that). Love that E chose to wear her new skirt, which she obviously thinks is the best x

  2. I love it! Might even have to copy this idea at some stage - love the carnivalness of the skirt (I'm sure you know what I mean!)

  3. don't care what you say, it looks ace and I want one too! lovely ice cream colours x