Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bubba Book Club: The Little Tree

Guys, stop the press yo.  The lovely Faery Sarah has self-published her beautiful children's book, The Little Tree - yaaaaaaaay-paaaaaaaaants!!!!!  We were lucky enough to test drive the e-version of this book and it was a huge hit with Eleanor!  She requested that I read it to her over and over again, and now asks about it on a regular basis.  Lucky for her I snapped up one of these as soon as they were released - and even nabbed a hand-crocheted Little Tree!  It will be a happy Christmas round here...

Because I have read this story (multiple times) I can confidently recommend it to you all.  Love the story (simple and sweet), LOVE the illustrations, and it's so nice to have a new kiwi classic (my prediction) to read to our babies.  

There are one or two first editions still available in Sarah's felt store, and you can also buy a PDF of her Little Tree amigurumi pattern too!  Coolnessssss!   And though really I feel no need to say this, because I'm pretty fussy about products I review anyway - this is not a sponsored post.  Just love this book and couldn't wait to purchase-slash-share it with y'all.

All photos via Sarah


  1. I picked up my copy today
    LOVE NZ's latest kids book xxx

  2. Love it. Isn't it so cute? I wish I had a younger child so I could justify getting one x