Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's that time of year...

So I'm taking a more laid back approach to Christmas this year... on the blog that is.  IRL I have my advent activities planned, Christmas Club up and running and carols playing on repeat.  We've also been lighting these Christmas flavoured candles on a frequent basis.  Because, yanno.  I just love Christmas, and I'm not that ashamed of it.

Unfortunately I just don't have the same time or energy to make my blog all Christmassy and fun this year, so I thought I'd do a couple of round-ups of Christmas last, and link in some of my favourite ideas and projects from last Dec.  I do have some fresh content planned for this season too, though to be honest, it will probably mostly just be Elf photos.  Soz.

Kicking off with some Christmas prep projects and inspiration...

1. Christmas Planner  (shared on NZ Green Buttons earlier this year - check out the rest of her Handmade Christmas series too).  Download here.

2. DIY Scallop Advent Bunting (shared on The Make Cafe Blog last year)

 3. Free Christmas Printables.

4. Our fave Christmas books...

I'll be back soon with some selected faves from the crafty advent series I did last year...  Happy Christmas season everyone!

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  1. SNAP, Stella. I have decided to blog only once a week from now until *whenever* in January. Just don't need the blog-pressure. Madly trying to finish all outstanding obligations to sponsors... then, stripping right back. Love what you've shared here. Gorgeous, all of it.