Friday, November 15, 2013

Reviewing: Ecoya

Eeeeeeeee!  You guys know that I'm a little crazy about Christmas right?  RIGHT?!!  I'm ker-a-zay about it.  Totes.  So these Christmassy scented candles, my kinda thing. 

Not just mine either, we're kinda all fans.

These beautiful Ecoya candles were a totally unexpected surprise, arriving in our mail-box a few weeks ago with a friendly note and a very cool Abstract Designs Snowflake Christmas decoration (scroll to the bottom of post for a pic).  I was all, "ooooh *gasp* Chriiiiiiiiistmaaaaaaaaaas pine needle sceeeeeeeent!"  And promptly took it home and lit it.  In October.  And not to mention the Christmas Carols CD that we listened to one or two times a day for the rest of that week.

Though the candles smell quite strong unlit, they give off a much subtler scent when in use, which I found to be just perfect.  The candles themselves are huge!  I can imagine these last for.ever.  And also, they are limited edition yo.  And now part of our yearly traditions, yuss!!  I'm not keen to give mine away, but I think my MIL would be totes down with one of these for Christmas.  Actually, with a choice of Pine Needle Scent or Caramalised Plum Pudding, I can think of a few happy recipients for these...

Also, adding to our tree this year...  Cute right?  Buy these here...


  1. I bought my bestie one of these for her birthday after smelling one my mum was given for hers- they're so gorgeous and really do last a long time.... kinda hoping for a pudding one for me for xmas day : )

  2. Hey errr....those red and white striped sleeves look awful elfish. Coincidence? I think not.