Friday, November 29, 2013

Sponsor Shoutout: East West Organics

I'm super thrilled to welcome back East West Organics as sponsors.  These guys are doing amazing things, and I for one cannot wait to check out their new Super Store in New Lynn (complete with cafe, Art and Crafts Gallery, Heritage Garden Centre and Natural Health Clinic). 

The Super Store opened to a packed audience on Labour Day, with music, spot prizes, beautiful food and drinks all laid on.  Dude.  Sounds amaze.  Ethos Cafe (within the Super Store) is already getting great reviews and I for one NEED to try one of their raw macarons (as seen on Growmama blog).  They sell a range of gourmet vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, gluten free and raw food, including something called a raw food stack which sounds kinda amazing...  And fyi the orginal East West Organics is STILL open, in Auckland's Glen Eden.  Just so ya know.

East West Organics have started a lifestyle blog entitled New Leaf, read a wee intro about it here.  You can all check them out on their facebook page too, and stay up to date with new products, events and specials.  

If you are in the Auckland region do check these guys out, sounds like they have every base of awesomeness completely covered, and extra bonus, both stores are near train stations and on bus routes - so there are no excuses.  Plus, Christmas shopping.  Just sayin'. x

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