Sunday, December 8, 2013

Advent Crafting

Yes, I assisted with the gluing of facial features, and yes, I showed Eleanor a cool way to bend the pipe cleaners to make hair, but all that aside, look at what my clever children have made!

We had a morning of side-along crafting in prep for the Carnival (which was C-to-the-RAYZAY), and little Miss E swooped up a whopping four prizes for her entries.  She was pretty thrilled, even if she did think that the cupcake she had herself decorated was actually also her prize.  *Shrug*.  Don't mind if I pocket your cash then, Kid? JOKING!!! I let her spend it on horse-rides and crazy jelly glow rings :-D

Intermission:  Some flowers.  A beauteous arrangement, from a dear friend.  And also, stolen from my 'garden' (a prettyish kind of wilderness).

Annnnnnnnnnnyway.  I am quite besotted with these cards (middle by Garland, flanked by Eleanor's masterpieces), in a ridiculous 'it can't just be me that thinks these are amazing, it's not just because they're my kids, THESE CARDS ARE AMAZING!!  LOOK AT THEEEEEEEEM!'  

I assure you, should you step inside my home, I WILL force you to look at these cards, and you will be expected to wax lyrical.

And the grand finale:  A decorated bike.  Girlfriend will never lose her bicycle.  And in case you forgot, each of these Advent activities was foreshadowed by this guy...


  1. yes they are amazing! Love you to link in to BMWB if you feel so inclined :o) x

  2. Hahaha they are gorgeous - id go on about it too :). Well done little miss!