Monday, December 2, 2013

Advent Wreath

We kinda missed day one of Advent, but made up for it with some fun crafting on day two.  I've had this DIY Paper Wreath by giddy giddy pinned for.ever, and it was very gratifying to finally make one.  Of course, Crafting Alongside is always super challenging, and I was working as quickly as my fingers could fly.  Still, by using that which was already on hand, this was an easy and cheap way to fill a morning with craft.  Nothing fancy, some colour to add to our festivities this year.  Was super cute watching Eleanor make hers.  I was actually pretty impressed at how well she went...

Not all of our Advent activities are craft/baking/making oriented, and many include activities that are common for us (play dates, ice-creams at the beach and so on), but the novelty of finding a note each morning and finding out what the activity will be... Well, fun for all of us.

This tiny wee wreath was a combined effort by Garland and myself.  He picked colours, I taped them on.  It will def be our Elf wreath.  Two birds.