Tuesday, December 3, 2013

More Christmas books that I love.

So Angela thought it would be fun to do a follow up of last year's Christmas book postings, and I was all "YEP".  I haven't found a ton of new favourites in that time, but I do have a couple of new ones to share...  And before I go any further - Angela is posting her new favourite Christmas books here and here, so if this post doesn't satisfy...

In no particular order:

These kinds of books make the best Christmas presents.  Once all the presents are unwrapped, food consumed and new toys broken, the only thing to do is to settle in with a new book.  This one is a perfect time filler, and easy to use for those who don't read, as they include illustrations of all the items to be found.  Winner.

This is a must have for Paddington fans, and is on our list for future Christmases.  Colourful, fun, sweet.  Garland's fave.

3. Another Night Before Christmas - Carol Ann Duffy

Not only is this story sweet, the illustrations are adorable!!!  This one is winging it's way to our house for Christmas and I am super duper excited to read it to my babes.  My fave.  We looooove The Night Before Christmas too.

Not technically a Christmas book, but this definitely helps set the tone, if you're into the white Christmas thing (I am).  The illustrations are very stylized and cool (in my books), and the premise is fun.  Eleanor's fave.

And I'm cheating a little by adding this one in as I haven't read it yet, but if you read the outline you may guess why I immediately bought it for my guys.  It sounds soooo super lovely, can't wait to read it!

So, what are your favourite Christmas books?  Care to share? x

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