Friday, December 6, 2013

Thanksgiving, paper crafts & plans for some sweet Summer salads...

Don't worry about my dirty windows.  They're fine.

On a recent Group Friend Date to see Catching Fire, we managed to convince some friends (who just happen to be American) to host a Thanksgiving dinner for all of us.  It was so lovely celebrating a new (to us) holiday with some of our favourite peops, and the food was *amaze* (singing).  Including some garlic cauliflower mash, that might be my new favourite dish everrrr.

It was a super relaxed affair, lots of eating and talking - yanno.  But we did also fit in some Thanksgiving crafting ^top of post.  Ya.  We are that cool!  

Anyway, with Christmas approaching, and the possibility of MUCH more delicious eating ahead, I'm thinking that Jeremy Dixon's Revive Cafe Cookbook might be my go-to this summer.  The book couldn't have arrived at a more timely moment, as I simultaneously attempt to eat well, and come up with fun recipes to take along to Pot Luck dinners (tis the season).  I kinda wish I'd had a good look through here before we made Loaded Mac and Cheese for Thanksgiving (sooo not healthy eating!), but there's always Christmas!  Salads are in, y'all!

We will shortly host the same little group for a Christmas dinner at our house, and so stayed tuned for some pics of delicious Revive salads... 

A review copy of this book was sent to me, but all opinions expressed remain my own x

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