Tuesday, January 28, 2014

12 Months. 40 Books

So I fell off the 52 Project bandwagon last year.  There was a good reason for this and I may share my thoughts on that sometime, just a small shift in blog consciousness.  In the past few weeks I've feeling particularly inspired by the year-long challenges many of you have set yourselves, and I felt like I would enjoy some kind of simple challenge too.  With a big workload already, I knew it needed to be something I was already doing and enjoying, but with a specific goal in mind.  So.  40 books.  It does seem a lot, especially when I'm standing at this end of the goal, but honestly, most of the books on my list will be YA (and even a couple of middle grade), so hopefully I will breeze though many of them.  Hopefully.

So far I have added just over twenty books to my 2014 reading list.  These are titles that I already own, or will do soon (including a couple of rereads), but I will be perusing our local library for more titles, and of course, will keep an eye out for any of your recommendations too.

YA novels

Contemporary/Adult lit

NZ fiction

(I've been trying to read the above title since I was pregnant with Eleanor)

Have you set any specific challenges this year?  Or perhaps your challenge is to have as few of those as possible? (I quite like the idea of that). xx


  1. I just finished The Luminairies- huge books but awesome, makes me want to go to the West Coast and check out the old gold fields! have fun getting through your list :)

  2. The Luminairies was on my Christmas list this year! I do hope I get the chance to read it, I've heard great things!

  3. I've read the Mill on the Floss. Can't remember anything! The Luminairies would probably take me all year to read. Good luck it's a fab idea. PS. I think your new job might just be at the library.