Saturday, January 25, 2014

Adventuring with Penny Scallan

I make no secret of the fact that we are big fans of adventuring.  In fact, check out my blog title!  WOW!  So it should come as no surprise that I, a collector(hoarder) from way back, always keep an eye out for apparatus to enhance our adventures.  You know, adventuring isn't as easy as it looks.  One must be prepared.  Particularly when one's crew consists of small peops who are prone to hunger and dirtiness.  It is also quite handy when you are able to convince said peops to lug their own spare nappies about, leaving your hands free to carry take-out coffees and big chunky cameras.

So, I was asked by Penny Scallan if I would like to review their PS Junior range, and they hilariously wondered if there would be just too many bags for our home to contain.  Ah, no.  Some people have a shoe fetish.  Me.  Bags.  We were lucky enough to be sent mini Wheelie Bags, Backpacks and Satchels to review.  And, we love them.  The Wheelie Bags are so definitely our favourites ever ever ever. Suuuuuuper cuuuuuute!!!  We use them to store special items (favourite books, toys, snacks) for any away trips, and they are often towed around the house, just for fun.

The Backpacks and Satchels are also perfectly sized for our guys.  I wasn't sure I'd convince Garland (at 2) to wear his own backpack, but YEP!  He loves too.  And he looks darn cute when he does.  Quality-wise, we are SO happy with these!  Style-wise, also happy!  I love the apple print in particular, and my pink-mad lass is very pleased with her set.  Just looking at these pics fills my mind with future plans.  Hikes, campouts, road trips and so on.  Adventures, y'all!  We love them!  Have I said that enough yet?!!

And for At Home Adventures, some sweet Collapsible Storage Boxes to help keep their bedrooms tidy and play-ready.  Sometimes these come with us in the car, as a simple solution for storing particular toys and books, and for eliminating the dreaded Possession Wars.  Okay, we still do have those, but it's somewhat easier having two separate containers for them each to dive into, and it does help to keep our car a little tidier.

And equally portable, these cute Back to School Kits, for occupying the babes on longer, less exciting adventures.  Or at home, during a quiet spell.  I love thick pencils contained in the set, and Eleanor loves having an extra pencil case to stash treasures.  And at least she is stashing her treasures, rather than leaving them strewn across the floor.  Except for those times that I bother to check, and the treasures are actually apple cores.  And they've been there for quite a while.  Except for those times, but all the other times, I'm happy with the stashing of bits and pieces.

So there you have it.  We are well prepared for summer adventuring.  And even though I start work in a week (always close to my mind), we will be adventuring plenty this year.  It's our thing.  Thank you Penny Scallan, for your generosity.  Overwhelming.
Penny Scallan provided complimentary products for this post, however the opinions and content expressed are completely my own.


  1. The little back backs are so sweet, off to check them out as potential pressies now : )

  2. Your reviews are alway so enjoyable. My kids are too old for these things now, but my goodliness, I love Penny Scanlan products (we have got a backpack and it has lasted a second year of kindy. Whaat? Unheard of. Zips always bust on my kids' bags. My favourite image this time is the one of E waiting for the bus, followed very closely behind by the Yellow Baron (that's a real aviator-guy's name) plane.