Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Gifted by one of Zan's clients

One of the nicest and most unexpected things about living in the countryside, is the abundance of locally harvested food that we are so frequently gifted.  Whether it's fresh eggs, fruit, seafood, a leg of goat (yes!), or a gigantic basket of home-grown vegetables, we are utterly spoilt by our amazing friends and neighbours.

 A jar of  honey from a dear friend's hives

So I might not have a green thumb (this has been proven quite definitively), but I was certain there was a way for me to join the food swapping spirit of our local community, and my clever sister found the solution for me.  It just happens that there are one or two huge Stone Pines decorating our driveway, and today I had my first successful attempt at harvesting pine nuts.

Turns out it's actually quite easy, despite all the horror stories you read on the interwebs.  Easy.  But time-consuming.  After about half an hour I'd already decided that maybe pesto rather than pine nuts would be my thing.  After an hour, and this many pine nuts, it was confirmed.  Pesto.

I did learn a thing or two in the process, and have figured out how to be quicker next time.  For starters, I didn't cotton on until somewhere towards the end that Eleanor was amping to help, and actually was, so helpful.  Plus, bonding.

Following our harvest, we collected a bunch of nuts to shell next time, and Eleanor very graciously thanked me for helping her.  I guess this is her thing now.


  1. thats fabulous! yay for pesto! :)

  2. I was reading this thinking "Get the kiddos in there to help". What Rosa-May said.