Thursday, January 23, 2014

Party Post

Oh man, picking a party theme is the best fun!  And then brainstorming ideas related to that theme, also FUN!  And then seeing it all come together better than you imagined, by now, just the proverbial icing.  Yeah.  Parties.

I freely admit to many of my real life buds that while party planning and creating has become a particularly beloved pastime of mine, the whole hosting thing is still a work in progress.  I'll figure it out eventually.

Well anyway, this theme.  It was a lightbulb moment really.  I had a few ideas rolling around, but none really spoke to who this little guy is.  He is a guy who a.dores his daddy and everything his daddy represents.  And that seems like something well worth celebrating, I reckon.  

Some of you already know that my fella is a Landscape Gardener which in this, our rural setting translates into quite a lot of lawn mowing work.  "Daddy mow" is a household phrase, and now our littlest is ready set with his own mower (and ear muffs, boom!), perfectly positioned to inherit the family business one day (I'm kidding - unless he wants to, of course).

We had SO much fun coming up with appropriate party food, and props to Pop Roc Parties who once again came to my decor rescue by providing some peachy perfect party items.  The grass mat - perfection.  Swoon.  I am already working out which future party this will be used for.  Ditto these cool little buckets (we were also sent another colourway which didn't end up being used, but I have plaaaaaaaans), and some perfectly tied in plates and napkins.  *Happy sigh*.  I do love a coordinated table.

Simple food ideas included: 'Ready Lawn' (Coconut Ice - geeeeenius), Turf Trifles (layered puddings that included: jelly, fruit, chocolate mousse, crushed oreos, shredded coconut), 'Grass Clippings' (popcorn coated in green sugar, served in a 'wool bag' [Zan's grass clippings container of choice]), 'Weed Eater Twine' (strips of licorice - Black Knight would have worked much better, though any stringy food would do - the brighter in colour, the better), 'Bugs on a Log' (PB, celery & raisins - idea taken straight from the internet), 'Compost' (buckets filled with hummus and vegetable sticks).  Green food colouring was used to colour the coconut and sugar and it worked a treat.  We also filled the table with watermelon, cupcakes and slices of homemade bread spread with avocado.  Not to mention the fact that we practically served our 'Lawn Mower Fuel' (check out that play on words) in a watering can.  Yeah, I know. There was actually a small plastic jug sitting inside the can, which was a much more practical juice vessel, as it turned out.

There were too many guests to really do party favours, but I made matchbox lawnmowers to decorate the table with, and sent these home with the youngest guests.  There were also hand-drawn colour-in mazes for every child to leave the party with.  And the memories, the memories were my greatest gift to them all *Lucille-Bluth-Wink*.

I'm quite proud of the trifles.  Can you tell?  By how many photos I've uploaded?  It's the butterflies, my piece de resistance.  Oh, yes.  These are from Sweet Whimsy, purchased for another party, and very pleased to be in use again.  THEY ARE EDIBLE!!!!  Just saying.

Games-wise.  Well, it was a two-year old party so this wasn't a major concern of mine... until I realised how many older kids I'd invited.  Whoops.  So we mowed a maze into our lawn (er, when I say 'we'...), and kept a huge pile of lawn clippings for the children to make a gigantic mess with.  They still chose instead to make the gigantic mess inside my house, but whatevs.  I tried.  The maze showed its full worth, comedy-wise, when I brought out the birthday cake.  I had all the guest sitting within the maze because that's more fun, and I like to be very controlling at birthday parties which includes telling everyone where to sit.  Completely true.  So then I jokingly (har har) carried the cake around the maze while guests sang happy birthday.  Which was only awkward when the singing stopped, and I was still only halfway there.  Just kidding, it was awkward the whole time.  Sometimes comedy moments just pan out that way.  Particularly when their comedic value is questionable in the first place.  Just practicing my 'mum jokes' y'all.

The cake was, as ever, created by my talented friend. It was delicious, as well as ridiculously good-looking.  Toadstools even.  Expectations = exceeded.  I whipped up a last minute paper-doll to decorate it with.  Something I came up with last minute at Eleanor's 2nd birthday also.  Whew.  There may have been sibling rivalry otherwise.

And the boy?  He had a blast, and will even agree with you when you remind him that he is now two. Most of the time.  Okay, never.  Which just proves that he is a two-year-old.

Edit:  I wrote this late last night and forgot to mention the gorgeous people who helped me with these plates of food, and with managing a bunch of munchkins on the day.  Lovely people, love your guts.


  1. That is officially THE coolest little boy party I ave ever seen, I love your brain! : )

  2. Wow Stella, just Wow!
    Fun, totally original and so so pretty- I wouldn't expect any less of you :-)
    You are A.MAY.ZING!!!

  3. This is FABULOUS - every gosh-darned bit of it. Love the unique theme and the beautiful way you pulled it together. ALWAYS love your attention to detail and those exquisite hand drawn touches. What can i say from one party nut to another - I LOVE YOUR PARTIES! x

  4. So cute and original! I just posted about my Lego birthday party here:
    I think kid's parties are so much fun to plan.

  5. awesome party Stella such a cute original theme, and had to laugh at Garland not agreeing that he is 2 now, my Jack (2 nearly 3) on principle does not agree with ANYTHING we say, it can be pretty funny when he asks him if he likes ice cream though, he so wants to say yes but he just can't do it ;)

  6. such a cool party, Happy Birthday to Garland

  7. I've looked at all the pics twice now, so, SO amazing! Could it be the best yet? (yip I think so!) All the details! Love it!!! Clever lady xxx

  8. This is an incredible birthday party !!
    LOVE it in every possible way
    From the unique theme to the amazing food

  9. I laughed about your theatrical entrance with the cake. Cake walk. Or not *cough*. Beautiful images, amazing details as always and such an original concept - and how blonde is your boy?!

  10. clever clever lady , from your old art teacher ,

  11. Could you be any more creative Stella? LOVE LOVE LOVE it all! So many ingenius ideas. You're so awesome. Great party, thanks for sharing!

  12. um.
    actually speechless.
    I want to lift that entire table up and transport it to our home on the 19th Feb thankyouverymuch.
    you're such a freaking talent, man.