Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sweet, lovely Gecko Press

Back again with two delicious book reviews for Gecko Press.  At first glance, I decided I would stash both of these books to give to my children as gifts, but on closer inspection, I realised that one of them was definitely for me.  Selfish, yes, but if you've seen this book (and if you know anything at all about me, which you do, because here you are), you will completely understand.  So...

A Book is a Book - Written by Jenny Bornholdt and illustrated by Sarah Wilkins.

This beautiful little treasure of a book made my chest constrict with joy.  Yes, really.  I was mesmerized by the beautiful illustrations and the quirky descriptions describing what a book really is.  Oh oh oh.  So sweet.  It's the kind of book you can open at any page to find a lovely quote, and would make a great discussion starter for older kids.  Talk about imagination captured.

A Book is a Book makes for a fun read for children, the whimsy and humour appealed to mine, and is an equally enjoyable read for older humans too, which makes it a pretty good standby gift for literature enthusiasts of any age.

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A Deal's a Deal - Written and illustrated by Stephanie Blake.

On initial glance I wasn't sure if this was going to be my type of book.  I liked the illustrations, which reminded me a lot of these Andy Riley cartoons that I had a bit of an obsession with in my uni days.  But generally speaking, I don't go for the gross humour type kids books.  I've been been recommended plenty, but I've never felt any urge to try them.  Having this book sent to my door forced the issue, and....

...I was pleasantly surprised!  I really loved it!  The main part of the story is quite straightforward, and very relatable.  Two little bunnies are playing with their toys and both are desirous of what the other has.  Oh yeah, we've all been there.  What follows is a figurative tug of war, as each tries to navigate whether or not they've come out worse for the little deal they've struck.  One bunny has, and so exacts revenge, in quite an unexpected way.  Contrary to my pre-conception of gross humour books, I found it very funny, and immediately read it to the kids.

Not at all too gross for me, and I cackled like a hyena when I read it.  Maybe I have been initiated into the 'gross humour kids books club', because I now feel quite optimistic about trying others. Eleanor thinks it's hilarious too, so there's your biggest stamp of approval.

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  1. Oh my goodness, yes!! I often flick through A Book is a Book when I'm in the mood for a bit of whimsical joy. Love it!! And I was hesitant about encouraging the gross humour with my boys but thought A Deal's a Deal was really funny. My biggest one cackles at the end. Cackles.
    (Oh, and thanks so much for linking to my reviews, lovely lady xx)