Sunday, February 2, 2014

Back to school with Stuck On You

Well, not really back to school.  Not for the babies anyway.  But let's pretend!  Actually, Eleanor was blown away by this personalised stationery set.  Kids go cuckoo when they see their name on something, and this was a whole lot of somethings with her name on them.  Garland is generally ambivalent about such things, but he did eat some of the eraser. Add it to a loooong list of weird things that kid has eaten.

I gave myself a tummy ache just imagining the day I send my girl-child into the big wide world of school.  Actual sick feelings.  She turns five this year, and maybe maybe maybe she will be off finding her way around the school yard sometime after that.  If I can bear to let her go.

At least if she does, she'll be doing it in style with some mean, personalised stationery (don't be thinking I won't put some of this stuff away until then).  Mind you, the scissors have already been confiscated, after I caught her layering her own hair (again).  Meantime, we set up her desk in a more accessible spot, and she has taken to actually using it.  Studious lass.  I've taken to borrowing her stationery, it's top quality!  Plus, I actually am going back to school this term.  Horror.

But actually really, excitement.  I go armed with stickers.  And a plan, for winning the kiddos over, with art and charm.  Staaaaaaay tuned.  Seriously do, because I have a fun and simple project to share with you soon, and these stickers will play their part.

More cute labels here (personalise to your hearts content, peops) and a whole thousand other school and home and gift options all over this website.  And having quite a few Stuck On You items in our collection now (these and these and this and one of these and several of these and now one of these) I can totally verify their top-notch quality.


  1. Very cool! I love the pencils! I also can't wait to hear about your new job, you've been stringing us along for weeks! ;) x

  2. Such wonderful pics again Stella. You do such a fabulous job. :-)

  3. I've often wondered about the quality so that is good to know. Thank you.