Thursday, February 13, 2014

Country Life pt. 2

Eatings.  Before we moved away from the city, we set the lofty goal of trying to source as many local, organic foods as possible, once we hit the countryside*.  In two years, we are still far, far from meeting this goal, but we definitely take pleasure in eating local goods as often as we can.

Neither Zan nor I are particularly gourmet chefs, our fare is simple, and mainly vegetarian.  But it feels soooooo super good to see a plate filled with more local produce than store bought items, and our kids devour these country-style meals.  Some typical summer meals:

We are definitely finding that it is easiest to source vegetables, eggs, seafood and a few little extra treats like garlic and pine nuts (that's my homemade basil/rosemary pesto up there!).  Still on our list is local, free range meat, organic raw milk and cheese.  I hope to start buying locally pressed olive oil too.  Slowly, slowly.

And to balance out all of that greenery, much of this homemade bread.  Much.

And of course, plenty of sugary, processed food slips through.  We are far from sainthood around here.

*Not that living in the countryside really makes much difference, as it is just as easy to source locally grown food in the city.  But anyway...


  1. I'm hearing you, we are close enough to the local to slip in Woolies and buy the processes goods (which I confess I'm addicted too, but this lent I'm giving up sugar!), but far away enough to enjoy all of the local produce. I'm particularly enjoying local figs, stone fruit and eggs at the mo x

  2. All those meals look so lovely and fresh! I love that so many people in the country are generous with offering up goods to's not uncommon for Mike to go out and come back with a couple of plants that the person he visited for something else gave him! One day Mike came back from fishing at the wharf with the kids and he had a signed book from a local author.....20 mins later the same guy turned up with a box of Cherimoya fruit! a couple weeks later is was some Cherimoya trees! Oh and I'm loving your new header!