Friday, February 7, 2014

Country Life pt.1

I've lived in some cool cities.  I spent much of my childhood in one.  I have a stack of happy memories, and very few bad ones.  But, the pull of the countryside dragged us under.

 We are here, and we have never been happier.  Our children have flourished in the countryside.

 And we've only just begun.

I can't now imagine a different life for us.  Already this year, we've ridden horses, tempted baby eels from their stony river caves, watched tadpoles grow, chased wild bunny rabbits up driveways, and plucked big fat blackberries from thorny bushes.  The beach is at hand, and there's always a river for us to dip our toes in.

More recently, we've taken to exploring local walking tracks and discovering their golden, nature-y secrets.  And even if those secrets occasionally include far too many steps ("Oh Mama, we've made a huge mistake!"), there's something in these walks, the swims, and even the stormy nights...

And these babies. They are country kids, and for me, that is the best gift I could ever dream of giving them.

Plus, nothing cooler than a country cafe, where the baristas know your dad's name...


  1. Couldn't agree more! I have a similar post running around in my head at the moment :) I'm so thankful we can give our kids this type of upbringing aswell.

  2. Oh i'm glad to have found you again. I think i sign up to too many blogs and then get lost in a sea of beautiful ones. I'm sorry I haven't popped over lately, but after reading this post and witnessing the beauty of your country life I promise to be back more often. In fact I'm going to write "The Golden adventures of a very dark horse" on a piece of paper and stick it onto my pin board right now. I have to consolidate my favs i think!

  3. Yep, I'm hearing you Stella. Life is good and it's those little ones that make it perfect. Jxx

  4. I'm a country kid too and it's just the best way to grow up (in my humble opinion). An unhurried childhood is what I see in your photos. They'll love you for it.

  5. Stella, last year I stumbled upon your delightful blog, and have so enjoyed reading about your golden adventures. I'm raising 4 country kids in California and loving it! Although our "country" isn't quite as stunning as yours :)

    I just have to ask about those darling bonnets the children are wearing. Did you make them? If so, is there a pattern you used?

    Thanks for the lovely posts, keep them coming! -April