Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Plan...

So I've been getting serious about organising and simplifying our family life.  The thought of a more structured week, simultaneously terrifies me and brings a sense of peace.  The calm of order, the pressure of maintaining it, and a little sadness at the necessary loss of some spontaneity in our days.  You know what though?  Mostly I'm just looking forward to the challenge.  And I have a plan.

First up, I hit the Sorted website, and worked on a preliminary budget for our current year.  It was such a helpful tool and gave me a much better picture of where our money will head to each week, and where we need to be more careful.  Have you used it before?  Awesome.

Next up, I created a weekly plan for our family.  I know know know that we will never ever stick to it completely, but it definitely felt good to set down a picture of how our weeks may go.  Stepping into part time work feels kinda huge to me, and I needed to see how it would work.  I also added lists of ideas for using some of our time, including a small list of personal projects, and a couple of fun family adventures that I would like to fit into our year.

At the same time, I worked up this chart, to mark my progress with some of the bigger goals for the year.  Some are fun goals (such as 'Read 40 Books'), and others are more challenging ('De-clutter Entire House springs to mind).  Man I'm looking forward to filling up those bottles though, yuss!

After a loooooong wait, I received my Frankie Journal, and subsequently jotted down important dates.  Again, getting an idea of the shape of our year.  I'm not much of a diary person, but each year I promise myself that this will be my diary year.  And this WILL be my diary year *wink*.

Currently I'm working on a Groceries Master List and a monthly meal plan, as well as researching sources for local dairy, meat and produce.  I'll probably share a little more on that soon, because I think that both of these are excellent methods for saving money and stress.

Guys, this is so much fun actually!  How about you, do you have a plan? xx


  1. Great work Stell. The grocery masterlist is a really good tool, especially if people mark down when they take out the last item of each thing on the self... gets you sleuthing for specials too on your fortnightly visit to the supermarket. xx Ma ... PS love your bottles!

  2. I just updated my 20 min a day cleaning roster. Other than that I'm waiting to see how new work for me and big girl school for Lala shape and change our days. Good to have structure, but as so much is as yet unknown I'm trying to approach things in a fluid manner. I have to say I've made a little list of personal projects I would love to get to, and I'm thinking I'll commence those or at least look to schedule them from April on. I love your bottles illustration - that's such a level way to look at progress across a number of strands in your life all on one page!

  3. Love this. I am going to try and get into fortnightly menu planning so I only need to get one set of groceries delivered per fortnight and just do the small bits at the markets. Our groceries are a bit odd at present because we have no staples (salt, sugar, flour, herbs, spices.....) so I have to buy everything but just trying to do it bit by bit.

  4. I love love love the bottles for your goals. Did you design that yourself?? Such a simple but really visually cool idea. I want.

  5. Great post. I love the bottles idea. I'm such an organized freak lol. So yes, I do usually have a plan. They make my weeks easier and less stressed. I usually plan my meals weekly, and shop weekly. I don't think I could do a monthly one as I like trying new recipes and it's easier to incorporate them on a weekly basis ;-).

  6. I do love a good plan. I might knick that bottle idea. You can see progress that way. Brill.

  7. This is me this year also... Trying to be more organised & time efficient. We started with the decluttering of the house, done most of it - just got our room & the kitchen to go. Budget - doh, never thought to use Sorted, & yet I am signed up to them. Will have to take a look through; thank you for the inspiration!