Friday, April 4, 2014

Mrs. Mo's Monster (Gecko Press)

Here's a fun little piece of children's lit. for ya!  Mrs. Mo's Monster details a fuzzy little terror who is hellbent on destruction.  Okay, I'll stop right there.  I have one of those, only mine has blond hair and significantly less monster drool.  But he does in fact, love to crunch, munch and chew (and that, is just the start of it...).  As I've found with almost every Gecko Press title sent to me so far, there's an important message to take from this seemingly innocuous story.  If Mrs. Mo's Monster can be convinced to stop eating all the things and find a fun and non-destructive hobby, so too can my little fuzzy haired friend.

The cute wee tale has vivid illustrations, including a beautiful depiction of a birthday surprise (built towards in the previous illustrations), and plenty of opportunity to practice your best monster voice (mine is a cross between the Cookie Monster and Yoda).  My kiddos love it, and I do enjoy reading it to them.  Find out more/purchase Mrs. Mo's Monster here, or check it out in your nearest bookstore or library...

Gecko Press sent me this copy for review, but all opinions expressed are my own xx

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