Saturday, April 12, 2014

Quarter Year

Oh hi!  *BIGGIGANTICSMILEYFACEATCHA*.  Anyone else (NZ-side) enjoying this Indian Summer as much as we are?  I'm sure Autumn will arrive at some point, but we aren't tooooooo depressed to have this extra dose of balmy weather.


  • I set myself the goal of de-cluttering our home this year.  It seems like a gigantic, never-ending task, and actually I think the biggest clutter culprit in our home is Excessive Clothing.  I for one am utterly sick of finding clothing strewn around the house, and I'm starting to plot ways to minimize this.  Namely, reducing the amount of pieces we collectively own.  Difficult, because I get weirdly sentimental about clothing (maybe this is normal??  Anyone??), my collection of saved-for-the-next-baby clothing is testament to this.  But a two-year-old really doesn't need 4 warm coats and 17 collared shirts.  Fact. 

  • In the past few months I have be sloooooowly training myself to run.  And by run, I do actually mean jog-at-walking-pace.  Yesterday I walked/ran a half marathon.  It was intense, and I feel somewhat amazed that I reached the finish line.  Afterwards I indulged in a hot bath and an early bedtime, and today I actually feel pretty good!  Surprised!  

  • I made a conscious decision to just quit it with the creative projects for now.  Honestly, I haven't missed it much.  Occasionally there's a pang, but for now I am quite content to just.  be.  It's actually weirdly liberating.  Suddenly I have my evenings to myself again.  I mean, I can just relax and do nothing all evening!  I'm sure it won't last for that long, but I'm kinda reveling in it.
  • I have also barely picked up my camera lately.  This has a lot to do with ^^ and also quite a bit to do with a computer hard drive that is bursting.  This, I need to sort.  

  • Very soon we will all be off on holiday, wheeeeeee!  Super excited!  I feel like I have our travel planning pretty down-pat these days, and now I'm working on how to pack minimally, yet cover all the essentials.  It's an art, people!

  • Booksssssss!  I want to read them alllllll.  Right now I'm totally immersed in this series (again).  The latest installment sits on my nightstand, tantalizing me with it's shiny cover (reviews here, here and here). Perfect school holiday readings... 
So anyway, how are you?  It's been too long, I've missed you!


  1. Yah for that series. Can't wait to read the latest installment asap.
    So glad you are having evenings that you can just relax into. :)

  2. No Indian summer here in Christchurch, in fact we're wondering what happened to summer this year. There was the odd hot day, but in general not the best one.

  3. Good for you girl. I love that you've released yourself from the pressure to create stuff now when you return yo it there will be love rather than obligation in the process. Have a great holiday xx

  4. a half marathon! way to go!
    have a lovely holiday :)

  5. I am totally sentiMENTAL over clothes too. (See what I did there?) I actually cried over Rosie's baby clothes when I knew we were having a boy this time round! But I get a little thrill seeing them on my friends girls. So silly of me, it's just fabric! But it's somehow not, too...