Sunday, May 4, 2014

Clutter vs. Collection

How's your de-cluttering going?  Mine's going... slowly.

We've gotten to the point that I can now watch shows about hoarders, without feeling a sense of impending doom.  Slowly, slowly, we're getting there.

It always starts out as a collection, and then grows into something unmanageable.  I'm working on taking it back to collection: small, and leaving it there.


  1. I know what you mean - I think hoarding is closely linked to the sentimentality gene.... I just don't collect anything now officially (except buttons) so that people don't give me extras!

  2. I think my parents should be on hoarders! When each piece represents a memory that adds to the collection over a life time, that's when it becomes too much. The solution is...a bigger house!

  3. Ha! Love it. Collections vs clutter.. mmmm will be pondering that one!! YOu see, I LIKE cluttery collections.. it's all the other shite I hate - too many kids' toys/clothes/shoes/socks/paperwork/just other boring stuff in general!!! You have to have the place uncluttered enough so you can appreciate the collections!! Well, that's what I'm thinking. And nothing like having another baby on the way to motivate a major de-cluttering frenzy!

  4. wow - I had a tin just like that (the square one in the top photo) when I was little - I think I got it from Nana. Memories huh?