Monday, May 19, 2014

Curvy Style

I'm eager to prolong the moment before 'tights season' officially starts, this year.  It's probably cold enough for tights already, but I am obstinately heading to work with bare legs each day.  There will come a day, quite soon, where the unpleasantness of cold legs outweighs my desire to avoid tights.  Until them, cardigans and scarves are creating a temperature balance.

 Outfit details: Infinity Scarf - c/o Gertie Baxter (so many pretties... I would love to add this Mint Gold Heart scarf to my wardrobe), cardigan - Jeanswest, dress (also worn here) - ASOS, leather beaded slippers - gifted (I think these are Moroccan?  Could be wrong.  Possibly from Trade Aid).


  1. LOVE that skirt (dress)!
    Gimme allll the tie dye :)

  2. love the scarf - you look beautiful - of course! xx

  3. You must be in the Southern Hemisphere? Judging from your sponsers, I think Nz? I'm in Wellington, and it has TOTALLY been tights weather here for many of these May Weeks.