Thursday, May 1, 2014

Floral Friday

How perfectly timed.  Dee posted this today, just as I was about to write this Curvy Style post.  Woot!  This floral mini is my new go-to, super comfy and easy to pair with.  Love.  This is a pretty special photo that I'm sharing.  That face doesn't just happen, guys, that face is has taken years of practice, and now I'm ready to unleash it on the internets.  Prepare.

Outfit details:  Constellation Tee - nonfictiontees, Bone Carving - Allan Gale, Skirt - thrifted by sis, shoes - thrifted


  1. ha ha that is an adorable face - I imagine it has taken many hours of practise to get that right!! You are gorgeous x

  2. BEST. FACE. The internets can't even handle right now.