Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Little Sews

I started out the year with every intention of taking on no projects at all.  This has been a happy thing, actually.  My energy has been needed elsewhere.  But, once the weather turned wintery, I started getting idea-niggles.  Small scale idea-niggles.  Things that might be fun to make, quick to make, and happy-making.  Seemed like quite a winning Make combination.

I started off by getting to work on an item I'd promised away, some time last year.  It quickly became obvious that simple projects were the only ones that could happen right now, so I left that as a W.I.P and instead spent some time co-constructing a doll blanket with Eleanor.  It didn't take long, and it got me thinking about other little makings, of the doll-size variety.

This year we are saving our pennies to buy Eleanor an American Girl doll (and at long last my childhood dream of owning one of these will come halfway true) for her 5th birthday, and rather than spend a million more dollars on AG clothes and accessories, I plan to make and collect our own set of mini-me pieces.  Today I worked on a doll sleeping bag prototype.  It was a quick whip up, and now that I know what changes I will make, it should be even quicker to sew another one for Garly Bear (who is also in line for a AG Bitty Twin).  It looks pretty home-made-ish, yanno.  But I doubt she will mind, or even notice.

When we were little, our mama made us so many amazing doll clothes and accessories.  Kinda fun to keep the tradition up.

Just fyi - that adorable doll is one of Dee's, of course.  Check out her dolls via the Tiny Eyes page, or her new biz, Needle & Nail (cute wooden toys alert!).  The mini teepee is by Mocka.  Super adorbs.


  1. i want to go make a doll sized sleeping bag now!

  2. I had never even heard of those dolls! An entire wardrobe for my barbie was a gift from my mama one year and I still remember those clothes she made. Dressing the dolls up was my favourite activity. xx the sleeping bag is ace and like you say they're never going to say 'but mum it looks handmade', at least not for a long time! :o) x

  3. Awww I had a couple of similar dolls growing up and have recently gotten into making them lots of accessories as the girls are playing with them now! Love the teepee and go the sleeping bag! Your looks much better than the one I made not so long ago!

  4. There are heaps of AG sized bits in the $2 shops...my miss 10 isn't fussy either so thats good as official AG stuff is quite pricey to get here. I'm sure you've googled/pinterested, there are a lot of good patterns for AG size clothes online too. Fun! Lucky girl. My girl who has never been interested in dolls absolutely adores her AGs :)