Thursday, May 29, 2014

Movie Friday

For the past few weeks we've been focused on habit-breaking and habit-forming.  Breaking the bad: screen time, chocolate, late nights.  And forming the good: exercise, smooth bedtime routines, healthy eating and so on.  Self-restraint doesn't come naturally to children.  Heck, self-restraint doesn't come naturally to me.

Screen time is a big one.  My guys have watched their fair share of kid movies, and lately requests have been coming daily.  I always swore that I'd never let my kids watch television, and yet...  So we've limited their weekly intake to Movie Friday, and yep, every morning we have a check-in to see if today is the elusive Fri-day.  I must admit that I quite like Movie Friday too...  Snuggled on the couch under piles of blankets...

And sneaky blogging time... x


  1. Gorgeous - she looks like little Red Riding Hood x

  2. love how Eleanor looks all Little House on the Prairie