Friday, June 6, 2014

Little (re)makes

This tiny chest of drawers was given to me when I was little, by my mother.  All these years she's held on to it, returning it a year or so ago.  It hasn't been overly in demand, perhaps because it's on the small side and only fits a minimum of items.  I decided that a mini-makeover might increase its popularity, and this proved to be a pretty easy project for Eleanor and me to tackle to together.

These days I don't really like spending money on craft projects if I can help it.  I have so many bits and pieces in my craft stash already and the time has come to use up some of it up.  So I found some paint, beads and a little wire and we spent an afternoon or two sanding and repainting the drawers.  The bead drawer handles were surprisingly easy to attach, and I'm happy with the results.  The contrasting paint is a copper toned acrylic, so purdy.

I spent way too long cutting and assembling a couple of mint paper straws into a super ugly geometric planter thingy.  It was supposed to be a just for fun item to add a bit of colour to these pics, and turned out to be annoying and messy.  Aaaaanyway, Eleanor was very curious about what it was for and was nonplussed by the final product.  She sat on a stool and watched as I stabbed myself repeatedly with sewing pins during assembly, 'is it a house?  Is it a box?  What is it for?  It's very cool.  Is it a house?'.  I stuck a baby weed in a bottle cap for added authenticity.  Pinterest eat yer heart out.

The tea box became a dolls toy box.  I took the box apart, trimmed off any excess tabs, traced the shape onto an old map and you know, cut, glued, left to dry.  <<< Tutorial.  Once I'd painted TOYS on the lid, I gave it a quick once over with some acrylic varnish, which I hope will make it last a little longer.  I don't think it has much longevity, truth be told, but it was a quick and easy project anyways.

I never have a shortage of mini things to stand in for doll toys, but I could not resist adding these teeeeeeny pencils to the collection.  I found them on ebay and they are exactly like some we had when we were kids, sent by an overseas Aunt.  Oh my did I love those little pencils.  Eleanor found these this morning, while I was sleeping in #teethgritted.

We have some of these cute twiggy pencils, so I decided to make some mini ones too.  Easiest ever.  I simply cut some twigs to size, sharpened one end with a craft knife, and dipped the nib into some paint.  They look totally authentic and adorable...  Unfortunately the were too small for my camera to really focus on, you'll have to trust me on the cuteness factor.


And then a drawing pad to go with all the pencils.  Some card, some paper cut to size, a seam along the top and then a little washi tape to cover the seam.  <<< Tutorial (yeah, I'm awesome, you're welcome). Eleanor trialled the mini pencils on the mini drawing pad and everything worked just fine.

And last of all, some more mini books.  These were a tiny bit inspired, I must say.  I cut the covers from some pamphlets that came with review copies, and stitched the pages in with my machine.  Then I handed them over to Eleanor who set about recreating her favourite stories.  She has been singing all day since I assigned her this activity.  She's all about book-making and writing atm, so this project was exactly her cup of tea.  And while she was entertained, I managed to finish off the drawers.  Perfect.

Doll makes.  Best fun.  I'm kinda addicted right now because these projects exactly fit the scale I am capable of completing at this moment in time.  Also, making things for your bubbas is always fun, and I'm finding that making things with your bubbas is more so.

More little makes: this doll sleeping bag, and this most adorable barkcloth handbag made to doll size, by the amazing Dee.  Swooooooon.


  1. These are so awesome! love the makeovers - all so cute and clever and fun! Am always in awe of your teeny tiny things!

  2. This is THE COOLEST!!! Lurve it to bits xxx