Friday, June 27, 2014

Party: /ˈpɑːti/ — n, pl -ties. 1. Invites

This time of year is generally when my mind turns to party planning.  Ideas start gestating, pinboards are filled, and sometimes a project or two is begun.  I realise this is quite nerdy, but you know, I love it.  Yes, I have a theme in mind for both my babes, one of whom is turning 5 at the end of this year *gulp*.   So I have a short series of party posts comin' atcha.  These are mostly for new readers, and also for me.  Everything in one place, neat and tidy.

As it happens, about now over in the states a magazine called Yum Food & Fun have released their summer issue, and a couple of pics from this blog have made their way inside the cover.  I have just ordered my copy and can't wait to see how they look, we are suuuuuper thrilled to be included in an international publication.  

I know there are tons of free printables out there, and some truly beautiful invite designers (starting with this gal ;-) ), but it's pretty fun to make DIY invites too.  Now that I have a drawing tablet, I can cut corners and make the whole process pretty quick, but before I had this tool, pencils, pens and a little bit of PicMonkey editing were all I needed.

Of course, you can always revert back to classic, tried and true techniques too.  Coffee-stained paper, burnt edges - bam!  For Eleanor's 2nd birthday I drew each invite by hand, and made tiny envelopes too. It helped that we invited very few guests to that particular event ;-)

I must admit that I don't always make invites, particularly if the guest list is small.  Sometimes sending out a facebook group invite just seems way too appealing.  They do make sweet mementos though, and can be the perfect way to set the tone for a party, so I try to set aside the time.  I kinda kick myself when I don't.  Ug.

Partieeeeeez!  They're the best fun, y'all!!  I get a little over it by the end of summer, I must admit, but after a few months I'm back to brainstorming again.  Can't. help. self.

If you have a party post you would like to share, please leave it in the comments.  Meanwhile, go and have a nosy at this sweet Hungry Caterpillar party :-)


  1. Oooo so looking forward to seeing all your party amazingness! We've just had our second bug 5-year old party...planning and preparing is half the fun i reckon x

  2. My babiest one turned two last weekend and I'm only just thinking about throwing him a wee a few weeks time. I really need to get myself organise and make some invitations, but you're so right...the idea of a quick FB invitation is reeeeeaaaaaally appealing right now!
    And woooooooo - that's so awesome about your international appearance! Yay!! So well-deserved xx

  3. congrats on the magazine, that's fantastic. I too love a good party plan with all the little details, this was Arlo's 4th Where the Wild Things Are party

  4. Loved seeing my wee man's wee face feature in this post. Did I tell you I had it printed as canvas and it's now on his wall? I loooove planning parties too, shame I have to wait until December every year : ) I have some party links to share

  5. I am getting excited for Adam's 2nd birthday in a couple of weeks, with a cow print theme. Lots of black and white, cow print and a cow cake!