Thursday, July 24, 2014

Auckland Museum

I can't even remember the last time I visited the Auckland Museum.  It's much better than I actually remembered!  In lieu of Zoo/Rainbow's End/MOTAT visits this trip, we opted for a more low-key outing to look at the natural history section of the Museum.  I will say that choosing to look at one section only, was an inspired idea.  Once we were through here (and after a quick look at the Wildlife Photography exhibition), the kiddos were definitely ready for lunch and a rest.

Our two are really into dinosaurs at the moment, so it was especially fun showing them the dino skeletons, though to be honest, the taxidermic animals held most appeal.  It's practically like visiting the Zoo, y'all!  Except all the animals are dead.  

My personal favourite part was watching them walk tenderly across the glass-topped floor as though they were really walking on water.  Hehe!  Kids :-P

It was busier than usual when we went, school holidays and all, so the Weird and Wonderful section was a little too packed to really enjoy.  We spent some time looking through the drawers filled with bugs and butterflies and then busted a move.  To be honest, I can't remember much of what else the Museum holds, but I'd be quite keen to go and take another look next time we visit.

We had our lunch under watery sun in the Winter Gardens, which feel very much like something out of 'The Secret Garden,' and made me go all dreamy eyed imagining our (far in the) future home.  I've decided that a secret garden is just what we need ;-).

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  1. I love hanging out at the museum . . . . Love it with my kids, Love it just the Mr and I and love it just by myself.