Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bolaven cafe

*Sigh* Bolaveeeeeen.  This one was a regular treat for us these holidays.  With my sister managing there, and our final accommodation just around the corner, we ended up in and out of Bolaven a couple of times a day.  I was looking forward to visiting, based on all the amazing reviews it's been getting, and honestly it was even nicer than I pictured.

Bolaven has such a great, low-key vibe, with a restrained colour palette and simple, earthy decor.  This suited us perfectly as the kids never felt overwhelmed or out of place, making our visits all the more relaxing.  In fact, they spent a good amount of time playing under the huge communal table, leaving us free to do what we love best - drink coffee and catch up with our favourite peeps.

Most people visit Bolaven for the food, a beautiful menu filled with Laos-unfluenced items, and everything we tried was reeeally good, though I'm kicking myself that I didn't try the Pho :-(  I will say this, the coffee is epic!  During my first visit (a bloggy meet-up with some lovely peeps - and some of their cute babies) I went ahead and ordered two, and well, I think I may have found my coffee limit at this particular venue :-P  Crazy times, crazy times...

See you next time, Bolaven x


  1. Great cafes are a joy and a delight. LOVE the new header, photo of you and descriptor of you! xx

  2. Sounds lovely Stella, always on the look out for great cafes . . . .

  3. There is a write up in today's Herald recommending Bolaven! They give it 5/5!