Friday, July 11, 2014

Flood waters rise

We had a pretty epic storm hit, a few days back.  And then we had a nail-biting drive out of town (once the roads opened) where we saw all the damage first hand.  Floods are a pretty regular occurrence during Northland winters, but this was pretty extreme.

We are now we are hanging in Rotorua, and not missing the wind and rain one little bit.


  1. Oh how miss New Zealand! When we lives in Whangarei I loved seeing the floods around the farms and the mangroves. Lots of memories!
    Sarah x

  2. We've been seeing it on the news, really hope all the wild weather stops for everyone soon!

  3. yip it was quite a doozy for northland! looks similar to the sights we saw.....enjoy your holiday away :)