Monday, July 7, 2014


Ung!  Holidays, I will eat you up!  Suuuch delicious lazy mornings.  Blogging every day.  We have some really exciting plans for these holidays,  I will be sharing.  Meanwhile, these are our current favourite things...

Superhero costume via A Green Life, Society6 rug

Wearing: Floral headbands (more soon) and this Frozen crown
Reading: 'The Lazy Friend' - most recent Gecko Press delivery, and down in history as favourite book everrrrrr (okay, first equal with deadpan classic, 'I Want My Hat Back').
Eating: Mandarins, by the bucket-load.
Collecting: Those dreamworks cards.  A friend gave me a whole stack and I've been slowly doling them out. 

Experimenting with 'colouring in' methods. 

Reading: Erm, nothing :-( But not for long
Watching: House Rules
Dreaming: Of renovating our own house
Making: Random costumes for work do's.  More soon.
Preparing: Song lists, story tapes and travel activities.  I bought this and this (but audio version) off iTunes and I'm hoping they hold E's interest during our road trip.
Loving: Our new Society6 rugs!  This one and the one pictured above (can't find link).  Rugs are super ridiculously expensive aren't they?  These aren't very big, and took for.ever to arrive, but they fill their allocated spaces perfectly (the other is in the kiddos room), and with the addition of some carpet underly, are super cushy. I have to stay away from that website now, too enticing... 
Missing: Broadchurch.  Apart from making me tear up every blimmin' episode, that was such a great show.  And nice to have a little quality squeezed up between our regular dosings of reality tv.

The Lazy Friend, Bad Jelly, and this Society6 cushion cover (this photo does it no justice)

Today we have a friend staying over, and it's too stormy for Zan to work, so our fire is getting lit and we're having an all-day pajama party, broken only for a milkshake date later on.  *Singing* Oh happy daaaaay!


  1. I miss Broadchurch too! I totally bawled on the last one. Your holidays sound delish!

  2. I'll be looking out for the lazy friend. This is Not My Hat also by Jon Klassen (of I want my hat back fame) also a classic! x

  3. Broadchurch was good wasn't it? Lovely holidays and lovely list xx