Wednesday, July 23, 2014

'The Lazy Friend' - Ronan Badel (AKA best, best, best book!)

'The Lazy Friend' by Ronan Badel.  Oh, my, my.  Have you had the pleasure of reading this book? I don't even know if there are words enough to describe how much we love it.

As Eleanor told her papa, "there's no words in this book, you just see what's happening in the pictures." Already we have had so many retellings, and only the first few were given by Zan or myself. The story is sooooo delicious! An adventure, yes!  Filled with twists and turns and unexpected outcomes. But so, so much more. A story of friendship, so darn touching, I actually teared up a little bit the first time we read it.

The illustrations in 'The Lazy Friend' are perfection, with foreshadowing, gorgeous expressions, and little details that make these kinds of books so fun. I for one, fell head over heals for this adorable little group of friends. The snake, oh the brave snake *sniff sniff*, what an emblem for loyal friendship. Such tender moments, especially that pivotal point where the parrot and frog watch their friends disappear into the jungle.  Waaaaaah!  Tears.  And this picture below?  Makes me want to dive into this book world and join their gang.  FOR REALS!

Sometimes you find a children's book that fits every criteria for instant-classic-never-to-be-parted-with-I-will-read-this-to-my-grandbabies, and for me, this is it.  There are only a handful of kid's books that I love this much, that thank you, Mr Badel, your inspiration equals our delight.

And from another Gecko favourite, we have discovered an artist model:

Thank you Gecko Press for providing us with a review copies of these delicious books!

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