Monday, August 18, 2014

Mer-peeps party - sneak peek

So originally Eleanor and I agreed on a Fairy Party to celebrate her 5th birthday, but plans change and I'm supa glad this one did!  Because now we're prepping a Mermaid/peeps party and alllll the jewelsssss!!!  I have some seriously over the top ideas swirling around in my brain /deepbreathstaycalm.

This tiny treasure chest and most of the fake jewels were purchased off ebay.  The flatter, glass jewels (red, pink, clear) were discovered in a $2 store in Mt. Eden.  I have some strings of beads too, and hope to create a Mermaid grotto down at the beach somewhere.  I have already roped friends in to dress as mermaids.  Yuss!

 I'll keep you posted as ideas develop into for reals, but couldn't resist this little sneak peek.


  1. ooooo this is exciting!!! My littlests would go bonkers for this! She is a treasure collector always hiding little sparkly things in her "treasure chests" with all her "golden". Cant wait to see the party come together!

  2. too cool! I always wanted to do this theme, but never squeezed it in before my girlie "grew up". Too bad tweens don't love mermaids like younger girls do. x