Thursday, August 7, 2014

Needle & Nail

Unless you've been living under a rock (er, maybe you have been living under a rock - I'm not judging :-P), you've probably already heard of Needle & Nail.  Either way I thought I'd share a few pics, because I just can't get enough of these handmade beauties...

What is it about wooden toys?!  And these are topnotch, it has to be said.  That chainsaw, THAT SEWING MACHINE!!  Excuse me while I swoon away over here...

Needle & Nail have just launched their super beaut website over here, go and take a peep!  Beautiful pics, and a very cute little bio.  I have a family-crush on these guys, they are seriously the real deal.  While I was there I skipped over to the Needle & Nail etsy store and purchased one of these stunning chopping boards, for Zan's birthday.  Yusssss!!!!  It's a twofer (present for him, present for me).

I know this is only the very beginning of an immensely exciting journey for these guys (already mentioned in NZ Home & Garden, eeee!), and I am so looking forward to following every minute of it.  Gush, gush.  Yeah.  But they are super worth gushing over.

All product shots courtesy of Needle & Nail :-)

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