Sunday, August 17, 2014

Party: /ˈpɑːti/ — n, pl -ties. 4. Games

Hmm, party games.  I'm gonna keep this one brief, though I think there are some super cool ways to bring it to the party games devision of party planning.

It's just that there are many, many peops who are much more inventive than I, when it comes to creating party games.  This is something I'm working on, actually, because with growing kiddos, pass the parcel isn't always going to cut it anymore.   I still maintain that kids are naturals at creating their own entertainment, so really, setting the scene is sometimes all you even need (and yep, often you don't need even that - but for the purpose of these posts, let's just roll with it).  It's good to have a plan though, eh.

Really I only have a couple of super lazy tips to give (directed at a party throwing newb, not all of you experts out there):

+ Don't reinvent the wheel.  Take an old favourite and put a spin on it to suit your theme.  Pin the feather on the flamingo's bum, dinosaur salad (like fruit salad, but with dino names), whatever.

+ Read them a story.  So underrated, but actually a really effective way to keep the tone of the party nice and calm.  They can do some running around later to burn off some sugar, but an on-theme story is such a nice simple way to set the mood when guests first arrive.

+ Self-directed games ftw!  The less you have to do with it, the better.  If you can rope in an older child then yuss!  Even better if you can give your kiddos some instructions and and leave them to it (with some supervision, of course).  Obviously this is easier with older kids, but if you keep it simple, this can be achieved with younger kids too.

+ Balloons, balloons, balloons!  Kids never seem to get tired of these, and so often they seem to be the biggest winner at birthday parties.  If all else fails, start handing out balloons *nodding sagely*...

Told ya I didn't have much!  But I'm working on something a bit more exciting for a certain lass's 5th birthday, and it involves hiring some mates to do the entertaining.  My laziness knows no bounds...

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  1. Love the ideas! Although balloons are probably not the best for younger kiddies as we had a scary incident where my youngest bit into a balloon and it popped and so he swallowed some. It can be a very serious choking hazard- we were lucky but just thought I would put that out there!

  2. I do love a party game or two - pin the something on something is pretty easy and the kids do love it so! For the last party we changed "what's the time mr wolf" to "what's the time mr Lion" as the kids were all Zebras :) Musical cushions instead of chairs and I reckon having a quiet activity table is a winner. Not to mention ballooons for africa!!

  3. I love party games. We had a fun one a friend's place- little presents pushed inside blown up balloons. The kids did a running relay with the balloon between their knees and when they got the the finish they had to sit on the balloon to pop it and get their prize : )