Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Crafting Hit & Misses

Maybe it's all this party planning, but I've been hit by a craft-bug lately.  I had this brILLiant plan to make a colourful diamond pillow for our guest bed, it was all just TOO super exciting.  So I found a quiet moment (rare) and Eleanor and I got our craft on.  Erm.  Faaaaaaail.  When finished, Eleanor looked at it sideways and said, "it doesn't really look how you wanted it to look, does it, Mum."  Soooo close to my vision, argh!  

A few days earlier I gave Eleanor all the supplies needed to create some cards for her friends.  Oh, swoon.  I love.  She wished to write 'welcome' on them, so I gave her the necessary letters.  Her style...  Eleanor looooves to draw, but mostly prefers pen, for capturing small details.  So it was extra fun to see her working with colour.

As for my own failed project, I think I'll try again.  I find sewing a little tedious generally, but I really REALLY want a cool diamond pillow or five!


  1. looks good to me.. not quite a diamond though - My 5year old prefers to draw in pen as well. She draws hearts and cuts them out so I have walls full of hearts ah bless x

  2. Ugh I think the computer ate my comment :( The short of it was: I totally saw the diamond! cool pillow and Im sure it wont take much to live up to your vision! and love the cards - adorable! x