Monday, September 15, 2014

Mt. Eden Accommodation

So during our mid-winter getaway, we split our time between four different sleep-spots. The first two were discussed here and here, the third was my sister's flat (but I'll spare her an accommodation review), and finally this very sweet little bookabach in Mt. Eden. We stayed here with some friends of ours, another little family of four, and it was the bestest! So comfortable, convenient and pretty.

This was such perfect, lovely and well-priced accommodation for our little group (it worked out at $100 per night per family), so for anyone planning a few nights in Auckland, here's another option for y'all to throw into the mix.

Included were: heaters, firewood, (huge) flat screen TV, DVD player, wifi, laundry, (real) coffee + chocolate  (I think you just won my heart), BBQ and a big basket of toys to keep our babies entertained. The rooms were cosy, with plenty of storage space for bags & clothing, and the kitchen was well equipped with every possible thing you might need. We were warm. We lounged.  We ordered in pizza. It. Was. Heaven.  

While we do have friends and relations to stay with in Auckland, it's still nice to know there are other options. In this instance we wanted to share our holiday with some of our fellow, country-bound pals. It felt a little risky picking one of the cheaper options, but it sure paid off!  

I intended to share this post months ago, but I didn't love the photos, so I delayed. However, hols are coming up soon, they have a few nights still available, and I thought some of you would appreciate a heads-up. Here's the link if you'd like to check them out. Happy-almost-school-holidays!

Nope, not an official review this time :-) Just a great place to stay, Auckland-side.

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