Saturday, September 27, 2014

Party: /ˈpɑːti/ — n, pl -ties. 5. Favours

My favourite bit!!  I know that party favours aren't everyone's bag, but they sure are mine.  Gorgeous mini presents for every party guest, yes please!  This is the real benefit of keeping our guest lists small, fewer guests = more favours!

Okay, I've done party favours in varying degrees.  From Eleanor's 2nd birthday with allllll the favours, to sweetly packaged handmade soap on her 4th.  It's like this, for me - if I have the time and the inspiration, I looooove to go all out with handmade favours.  I can think of nothing more delicious than little people opening a paper gift page filled with tiny handmade treasures, all for themselves (I always make one for the birthday child, too).  If that doesn't happen, we are so down with the simple take home gift - treats, soap, stickers etc.  No rules, peeps.  It's marvellous :-)

Matchbox lawnmowers - Garland's 2nd, walnut sailboats, paper craft gifts.

Do you know what?  I'm a total geek very normal person and have kept favours from each of our kiddo parties, which I'll save to give them when they're older.  That day...  Oh, oh!  

So back to being exceedingly helpful and knowledgable (mmmhmm, oh yes) about party things, and offering yet more unsolicited party throwing advice...

Packaging!  Scroll on...

Cute paper bags are amongst my top fave material things...  Sad, but true.  And, even a plain old paper bag can be made pretty, with the addition of some cool stickers!  Hello vistaprint!  Washi tape is also the shiz for making a boring bag look pretty (or, a pretty bag look prettier).  I AM SO HELPFUL!  You're welcome.  Okay, here's a tip: fake flowers!  Yeah!  Don't all thank me at once.

Let's not forget - Christmas party favours!  I know, I'm trying to make kiddo-pre-Christmas-parties a thing, and so far I'm the only person I actually know who throws these, but I'm sure they'll catch on soon ;-), because seriously, who can resist handmade Christmas crackers?!

Okay, probably best not to write a blog post when I'm just a little sleep-deprived (did it contain any information?  No, I do not think so).  For the rest of this sliiiightly gratuitous series, follow these links:


  1. You're beyond clever! Happy Sunday!

  2. So I've not been reading blogs lately. Its kinda time consuming but I've come by to say hi. I love that you've kept the party flavors. That is intentional parenting right there.